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Every child is known and loved

Student Voice

Please see below all Student Council Meeting Minutes


Student Council Meeting Minutes 13 January 2023

Meeting Points:

Teaching and Learning

  • Top lessons (Top lessons they have had or staff who have gone out of their way to support them)
  • EBI (Things that teachers do in lessons to help students progress) 


  • Playground
  • Classrooms
  • Project

Top Students (List of students who have demonstrated the ALIVE values over the last 2 weeks)


Other points raised by the council reps are:

  • Assemblies for Year 11 to be via TEAMS. SLT rep will take this to the senior leadership team for feedback at the next meeting.
  • Bistro 6 opening for Sixth Form students. 


Next meeting will be Friday 27 January in N16 at lunchtime. 


Student Council Meeting Minutes 18 November 2022

Meeting Points:

Teaching and Learning

  • The student council would like to thank the teachers below for their enjoyable and high quality lessons:
    • Miss Maynard: Year 11 Geography/Tutor
    • Mr Reeve: Year 7 PE
    • Mr Card: Year 7 French
    • Miss Rainey: Year 10 RE
    • Miss Palnok: Year 10 English
    • Mr Gould: Year 12 PE
  • Council reps to bring to discuss this with tutor groups to the next meeting, the names of teachers whose lessons students have enjoyed. 
  • Reps asked if teachers cold spend some time going through any assigned homework (during retrieval practice) to help students who found the work difficult.
  • Reps reported that the use of a task ladder on boards help in understanding the flow of the lesson.
  • Reps felt that consistent start to lessons (standing behind desks) helped in an ordered start.


  • Site to look at moving benches to the MUGA for year 10 and 11 students.
  • Year 10 and 11 reps wanted year 7-9 students to be reminded of the lunch rota. Year 7-9 students should not be lining up until it is their time.
  • SLT explained the reasons for the back gate closing at 8:30. This is to be discussed again at the next meeting.


  • On 14 December the reps would like a 'Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for charity. The cost will be £1.The day coincides with the Christmas meal in the canteen.


Meeting Friday 2 December is cancelled. Next meeting: Thursday 15 December at 1:15pm in N16.


Student Council Meeting Minutes 21 October 2022

Meeting Points:

Teaching and Learning

  • The student council would like to thank the teachers below for their enjoyable and high quality lessons:
    • Mr J Clifford - Year 7 History
    • Mr M King - Year 9 Drama
  • Council reps to bring names of teachers whose lesson students have enjoyed to the next meeting, and to discuss this with tutor groups.


  • SLT thanked the large number of students who have contributed to the large number of merits achieved in the first term (31733). This is an incredible achievement.
  • Council to discuss possible added rewards for these students at the next meeting.
  • Council reps to bring possible ideas after discussion in tutor groups.  


  • New benches have been ordered; site staff are waiting their arrival. These benches will be placed mainly in the playground area.


  • Signs have been placed in the canteen and in tutor rooms as to the rota for the lunch times for year groups. 


Next meeting: Friday 4 November 2022 at 1.15pm in N16.


Student Council Meeting Minutes 30 September 2022

Meeting Points:

Student Council Charter

  • The Student Council were presented with their badges


  • The SLT member feedback to the council was that benches will be purchased and placed on the playground by Aquinas and on the MUGA.


  • Reps would like to organise several own clothes days to raise money for designated charities.


  • Reps wanted clarification around the timings for year groups to access the canteen.
  • SLT member explained that it would alternate between 7-9 one week and 10-11 another.
  • Year 11 reps asked if it was possible for them to receive an early pass so they could attend lunch revision classes


SLT member will take this back to subject leaders.

Next meeting: Friday 14 October 2022 at 1.15 in N16.



Student Council Meeting Minutes 16 September 2022

Meeting Points:

Student Council Charter

  • The Student Council went through the charter and asked questions for clarification.
  • Councillors were given a copy of the charter to guide them through the role of a representative.


  • The council decided that more benches need to be purchased for the playground and around Aquinas.
  • SLT member will take this back to the SLT meeting and the site team.


  • Representatives asked if it would be possible for students to wear their PE kit home if they had PE period 5. They stated that this would mean they could have more time in the PE lesson. SLT member will take this back to the SLT meeting.


Next meeting: Friday 30 September at 1:15pm in N16.


Student Council Meeting Minutes 8 June 2022

Meeting Points:

  • Chartwells survey has been sent out to students. If students want to see change in the catering provision they need to complete the survey.
  • Councillors raised the possibility of improving the pedestrian entrance off Reynolds Lane.

St Gregory’s Community

  • A range of possible trips were discussed and these have been passed to Subject Leaders.
  • The council would like to place own clothes day on the calendar more frequently. Ideas were raised around Christmas jumper, Cultural dress and themed days. SLT to look at possible charities for these days to support.
  • A greater focus is being placed on rewarding students who receive high levels of commendations. The rewards include reserved tables in the dining hall (food provided), trips out and certificates.
  • The council would like to increase the number of students walking or riding to school. Council reps are to ask tutors what incentives they feel would gain more students walking or riding to school?


Next meeting: Wednesday 22 June at 1:05 in N16



Student Council Meeting Minutes 18 May 2022

Meeting Points:

  • Chartwells (catering company) have asked students to complete a survey relating to their food and service. SLT will organise this to be available for all students to complete.

St Gregory’s Community

  • The Student Council discussed possible ways to develop the St Gregory’s school community.
  • Due to restriction there have been fewer school trips but these will be increasing. Council reps to ask students if there are any key visits or trips they would like?
  • The Student Council would like to run more ‘own clothes days’  or ‘themed clothes days’ to raise money for charity.  Council reps to gain students opinions.
  • The council would like to increase the communication between school and home. This would be focused on keeping parents ‘in the loop’ as to what is occurring at St Gregory’s.


Next meeting: Wednesday 8 June at 1:05 in N16


Student Council Meeting Minutes 4 May 2022

Meeting Points:


  • Representatives asked for a review of where students can sit during lunch. Is there a possibility of using the grassed area at the top of the bank.
  • SLT responded that there is a risk of students hurting themselves by falling down the bank, but will look into how to improve safety.
  • A request was put forward for more benches to be placed outside the Aquinas building, facing the playground.
  • Representatives would like the school to look at purchasing different hand sanitiser and soap. The current one does not smell nice. They would like to keep the sanitising routine in classes but say students don’t use the sanitiser due to its smell.
Teaching & Learning
  • SLT asked for feedback of teaching & learning and the implementation of the ‘5 world class routines’ (Planning, Review Material, Practice, Active engagement, High standards).
  • Representatives stated that some teachers have embedded the routines into their lessons and these lessons are enjoyable.
  • They also stated that there is inconsistency between staff with some staff not implementing the 5WCR. 
  • Representatives feel that using the 5WCR in lessons helps with learning and retaining key points.
  • Representative to bring to next meeting
  • Feedback from tutor groups about the implementation of the 5WCR.
  • Rewards – the council talked about different rewards and praise systems. Current system involves using accrued commendations to purchase rewards. 
  • Year 12/13 want a reward system that can be applied within Sixth form as well.
  • Representatives to bring to next meeting:
    • possible ideas for rewards or praise systems.
    • Alternatives to the ‘yellow/red card’ system.
  • SLT will organise a survey (Microsoft forms) to be conducted during the week of 16/05


Next meeting: Wednesday 18th May at 1:05 in N16


Student Council Minutes 2 March 2022

Meeting Points:


  • Representatives discussed the qualities of a great teacher. Some key points are: Clear expectations, respectful, passion for learning.
  • They felt that they learn more with teachers who use a lot of verbal feedback.
  • Representatives were asked to get feedback from tutor groups and bring to next meeting.
One-way system
  • Representatives asked for clarification of the one-way system.
  • SLT rep said:
    • The one-way system is still in place and needs to be followed. The only change has been that at break and lunch all students need to use the technology corridor to move between the playground, the Aquinas and Newman buildings and the dining hall. All parts of Sienna are out of bounds during break and lunch.
  • Representatives were asked to get feedback from their tutor group about the canteen (layout and food) and bring to the next meeting



Our Values

Ambition Rooted firmly in Catholic teachings, we aim to nurture and guide our students to fulfil their God-given potential so they may achieve success.

Leadership We strive to be a community of servant leaders, where individuals gain a clear sense of self and purpose, knowing their values and using these to guide how they enrich the community in which they belong.

Integrity We teach our students to value honesty and have strong moral principles, using their discernment to govern their actions and take responsibility for their choices.

Vigour Inspired by the life of St Gregory, we empower our students to work with vigour, so they approach all activities and opportunities with effort, energy and enthusiasm.

Empathy We aim for our students to understand and value the feelings of others and for them to know they are loved and celebrated irrespective of their differences.


Trust Information

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