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Every child is known and loved

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Every child is known and loved


Statement of Intent


As ICT underpins today’s modern lifestyle, it is essential that all students gain the confidence and ability that they need to use ICT effectively. We will provide every student with the knowledge and skills to use the internet safely, not by limiting their use of the internet, but by teaching sensible use of it.


During Years 7-9, we will give all students opportunities to choose when to use ICT and which ICT to use for given tasks and embed the fundamental knowledge to be able to choose and successfully complete a Computer Science or ICT based qualification in Years 10 and 11. Computer Science lessons are engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving and students develop their understanding and application of the core concepts by analysing problems in computational terms and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programs.


We will keep pace with educational developments in ICT and have a commitment to teachers having the necessary tools to do their jobs effectively facilitating creative learning experiences for each individual student. The use of ICT will enhance and extend children’s learning across the whole curriculum supporting the school’s catholic ethos. All young people - whether they have access to technology at home or not - will be able to use ICT with confidence and competence in all aspects of their learning experience which they can then take advantage of in further education and in their working careers. 



In Years 7-9 students study three themes; ‘Information and Communications Technology’, ‘Computer Science’ and ‘E-Safety’. Students visit these themes several times over the course of the three years, securing and then building upon knowledge until they have reached a point whereby they understand the difference between ICT and Computer Science and are able to make an informed decision about which course to choose at Key Stage 4.


Theme 1: ICT: In our ICT lessons we offer key stage three pupils basic “Digital Literacy” topics to help them better understand the Microsoft Office Suite and the Internet. We cover topics such as Spreadsheets, Databases, Web Site design and building, Digital Graphics and Animation. We aim to equip students with the ability to analyse problems and appreciate how ICT can be used help solve them.


Theme 2: Computer Science: In Years 7-9 students will learn about the principles of information and computation, how computer systems work, and how to use information technology to create their own programs and systems. The curriculum aims to cover key areas such as Programming, Data Representation, Hardware, Communication and Networks. We will use software such as Python, Microbits, Scratch, Microsoft Access and the Microsoft Office suite to deliver these topics.


Theme 3: E-Safety: Students will develop an understanding of how to target their ICT products at a particular audience. They will be taught how to use technology safely, responsibly and securely; this will include protecting their online identity and privacy, recognising inappropriate content and conduct and how to raise any concerns they may have.

Cultural Capital


In Computing, we encourage the sensible use of digital technology in the classroom and homework situations given that students are currently living in a digital world. We encourage an awareness and appreciation of the digital divide and develop an awareness of differing cultural and spiritual or religious views towards the use of digital technology. We encourage good etiquette when using digital technology including mobile devices and with due regard to e-safety. Students also explore moral issues around the use of digital technology - For example, copyright and plagiarism.

Our Values

Ambition Rooted firmly in Catholic teachings, we aim to nurture and guide our students to fulfil their God-given potential so they may achieve success.

Leadership We strive to be a community of servant leaders, where individuals gain a clear sense of self and purpose, knowing their values and using these to guide how they enrich the community in which they belong.

Integrity We teach our students to value honesty and have strong moral principles, using their discernment to govern their actions and take responsibility for their choices.

Vigour Inspired by the life of St Gregory, we empower our students to work with vigour, so they approach all activities and opportunities with effort, energy and enthusiasm.

Empathy We aim for our students to understand and value the feelings of others and for them to know they are loved and celebrated irrespective of their differences.


Trust Information

St Gregory's Catholic School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Gregory's Catholic School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.