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Every child is known and loved

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Every child is known and loved



This is my commandment, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you.  John 15:12


Our Vision

Our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) curriculum aims to enable students to become healthy, safe, independent, responsible members of society, who demonstrate respect and tolerance and who are prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing modern Britain. At St Gregory’s Catholic School, we believe that good PSHE education also helps students to achieve their academic potential.


Our intent is to provide and academic PSHE curriculum that provides opportunities for students to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes and explore complex and sometimes conflicting range of values and attitudes they encounter now and in the future.

Our PSHE curriculum focuses on three core themes:

  •  Health and wellbeing
  •  Relationships
  •  Living in the wider world


Preventative PSHE education helps students to know how they can support each other, manage their own behaviour and get help for themselves or their

peers when they need it, therefore supporting positive behaviour and attitudes.


The aim of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic programme at St Gregory’s Catholic School, is to ensure that students are given the correct support, guidance and wider education necessary to become a responsible and well-informed member of society, who knows how to manage potential risks and dangers they may be presented with, and develop positive healthy respectful relationships. The PSHE/RSE curriculums enables all students to develop positive attitudes, behaviours, value themselves and others. This in turn has a positive impact on our local community and British society.


PSHE Vision

The vision of the PSHE programme is to provide students with an education in three key themes, that are developed and built upon from Year 7 through to Year 13:

  1. Health and Wellbeing: How to care for our own physical, mental and social health and the way we interact with other people.
  2. Living in the Wider World: How we respond to the changing world in a political, social dimension and planning for the future (Careers).
  3. Relationships and Sex Education: How we see and build relationships and how we respond to sex, sexuality, identity, discrimination and exploitation.



PHSE is provided to students in two ways:


1. PSHE  Lessons

Lessons are weekly, through which students receive the key themes 1-3. Students spend approximately 6-7 sessions on each theme with each session dealing with a different aspect of that theme. As student’s progress through the school the content will become more age appropriate relating directly with issues they will possibly be exposed to.  Below you can see the PSHE programme of study. Resources have been sourced so that they are of suitable content and adhering to Catholic gospel teachings, through the PSHE Association, Creative resources and Ten:Ten.


2. Themed & Year Group Assemblies

These take place 3 times throughout a year for each year group. These assemblies are delivered through a mix of external agencies and teaching staff around an aspect within each theme that is the most pertinent to that year group.  They will be used to either initiate the right tone for a theme or provide a suitable end point.



Assessments will be conducted termly on an informal basis through low stake assessment quizzes. These will be peer and self-assessed in PSHE workbooks tailored for each year group.

Our Values

Ambition Rooted firmly in Catholic teachings, we aim to nurture and guide our students to fulfil their God-given potential so they may achieve success.

Leadership We strive to be a community of servant leaders, where individuals gain a clear sense of self and purpose, knowing their values and using these to guide how they enrich the community in which they belong.

Integrity We teach our students to value honesty and have strong moral principles, using their discernment to govern their actions and take responsibility for their choices.

Vigour Inspired by the life of St Gregory, we empower our students to work with vigour, so they approach all activities and opportunities with effort, energy and enthusiasm.

Empathy We aim for our students to understand and value the feelings of others and for them to know they are loved and celebrated irrespective of their differences.


Trust Information

St Gregory's Catholic School is an academy, and part of the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership. The Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number 08176019 at registered address: Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ. St Gregory's Catholic School is a business name of Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership.